Your Guide to Northwest
Point Condominiums

This page is your comprehensive guide for navigating to and around our tranquil haven. Discover essential travel tips, from arrival instructions to local recommendations, ensuring your journey is seamless and your stay unforgettable. Explore the best dining spots and pristine beaches, all within reach from our serene rental condominiums in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos.



  • Nearest Airport: Providenciales International Airport (PLS), approximately 15-20 minutes’ drive.
  • Car Rental Recommendation: Essential for transportation. Suggested companies: Grace Bay Car Rental, Avis, Hertz. Pre-booking online is advisable.
  • Taxi Option: Available but significantly more expensive than car rental.


  • Driving Rule: In Providenciales, drivers use the left side of the road.
  • Route Overview: Northwest Point Condominiums are west of Blue Hills and Wheeland communities, accessible via Millennium Highway.


  1. 1Exit Airport: Turn left towards Leeward Highway and Grace Bay at the airport exit.
  2. 2First Roundabout: Proceed left towards downtown.
  3. 3Second Roundabout: Make a left turn, heading towards BLUE HILLS.
  4. 4Millennium Highway: Follow for approximately 6 km (3.5 miles). The road will transition from paved to unpaved.
  1. 5Unpaved Road: Continue for an additional 5 km (3 miles). Look for a Northwest Point Resort sign and a change in the positioning of power/utility lines.
  2. 6Arriving at Condominiums: Turn right at the last power/utility line, indicated by a small Northwest Point Resort sign. Proceed to the development’s gate.


  • Road Condition: The last 3 miles to the condominiums are on an unpaved road, which may affect driving conditions.
  • Location: The condominiums are situated in a secluded area, offering privacy and tranquility.



  • Time Zone: Providenciales, Turks and Caicos operates in the Eastern Time Zone.


  • Main Supermarket: Graceway IGA on Leeward Highway. Comprehensive selection including wine, beer, and liquor.
    • From Airport: Instead of turning left at the Blue Hills roundabout, continue on Leeward Highway for three roundabouts, then U-turn. The supermarket is on the right.
    • From Condo: From the end of Millennium Highway, take Leeward Highway towards Leeward/Grace Bay (turn left).
  • Liquor Note: No liquor sales on Sundays.
  • Additional Options:
    • Wine Cellar Discount Liquors: Along Leeward Highway.
    • Smart: A smaller store in downtown, located in the shopping center on the right before reaching the Blue Hills roundabout.


  • Recommendation: Visit these beautiful islands for a unique experience. More information at Visit TCI.


  • There are numerous cruise options available for guests to enjoy, but one particularly popular choice is Sun Charters. They offer a variety of experiences, including glow worm, sunset, and private cruises on the Sail Atabeyra. For more information and to make a booking, visit Sun Charters.


  • Location: Numerous stores in the Grace Bay area offer a variety of local gifts and souvenirs.


Da Conch Shak

  • Location: In Blue Hills, 10 minutes (6 miles) from the condo.
  • Experience: Casual beachside rum bar, ideal for local bites and rum punch.
  • Specialty: Reasonably priced food, known for “Hump and Bump Night” on Wednesdays with local music.
  • Directions: First left after the unpaved road in Blue Hills. Look out for 16 speed bumps in the area.

Las Brisas Restaurant

  • Location: Near South Dock, away from Grace Bay.
  • Setting: Ideal for both lunch and dinner, known for its relaxed atmosphere.
  • Directions: Follow signs for South Dock. After the Caicos Oil Plant, turn right at Chalk Sound Police.

Magnolia Restaurant

  • Location: In Turtle Cove, atop the hill before the marina.
  • Highlights: Renowned for sunset views.
  • Cuisine: Offers a variety of dishes.


  • Ambiance: Casual local shack with outdoor beach dining.
  • Specialty: Famous for conch fritters and Caribbean cuisine.
  • Location: Near the Fishery, recognizable by its pink color.
  • Extra: Offers beachside tables.

Mango Reef

  • Location: Turtle Cove.
  • Experience: Enjoy lunch or dinner by the water, with a view of the marina.
  • Note: Dietary needs can be accommodated.


  • Location: Turtle Cove, next to Sharkbite.
  • Cuisine: Italian.
  • Atmosphere: Known for its ambient setting.

Must-Explore Beaches
in Providenciales

Providenciales is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world. While there are many to choose from, here are a few that are absolutely worth a visit. Each offers its own unique charm and beauty.

Grace Bay Beach

  • Highlights: Crystal clear aqua blue water and beautiful beaches.
  • Access & Parking: Free parking available at the beach access entrance.
  • Directions: Follow directions to Grace Bay, use the beach access at the end of the white fence.
  • Amenities: Options for lunch nearby, beach chair and umbrella rentals available.
  • Extra Tip: Look for a beach entrance sign after passing shops on the left.

Sapodilla Bay Beach

  • Description: Smaller sand area, shallow waters, great for kids.
  • Location: Just past Las Brisas Restaurant.
  • Parking: Park before the “Kouba Villas” sign and use the unpaved driveway as a walkway to the beach.

Long Bay Beach

  • Features: Shallow waters, clear water, and powdery sand. Ideal for kite surfing and horseback riding.
  • Directions: Take Leeward Highway towards Grace Bay, turn right at the Shore Club, and follow the road to the beach entrances.

Taylor Bay Beach

  • Characteristics: Shallow water, spacious sand area, suitable for children.
  • Access: Continue on the same road as Sapodilla Beach. Enter “Ocean Point Drive (Private)” and park at the next Ocean Point sign. Follow the path to the beach.

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